Cervecería Nebulosa

“Beers with unique personality with the flavors of the Cloud Forest”


Proud to be the first brewery in San Sebastián del Oeste, Jalisco.
Our beers are inspired by the diversity of species found in the Sierra Madre Occidental and its seasons, seeking to preserve the essence and qualities of each ingredient.
Our History


Discover the process

Raw ingredients: we chose the best malts imported from Europe, from the base malts to special ones and additions unique to the region, which makes every beer unique.
Grains grinding: grains are crushed to get a better extraction of fermentable sugars.
Maceration: the malt is combined with our spring water to extract a sweet juice called must.
Boiling: in this process the must is boiled before passing to the fermentation tank.
Fermentation: the must’s sugars ferment and become alcohol due to the yeast.
Maturing: the beer is carbonated and the flavors respective to each style are accented; at the end of this process the beer is ready to be served and enjoyed.


We make our craft beer from a sustainable approach inspired by the ingredients that grow in the Cloud Forest; from the water that runs through the springs to the variety of herbs and fruits.
Our productions and beer styles are limited and represent the seasons.

Gran Jaguar


Prepared with a series of fresh wild herbs that grow in our forests during spring, with a coppery color and an abundant foam. It features floral and slightly spiced aromas, with an herbal, slightly earthy flavor. Of medium and dry bitterness, with little persistent aftertaste.

ABV 6.5%
OG 1.065
Style: India Pale Ale
Fermentation: Ale
Color: Golden
Body: Low-Medium



A beer to commemorate a legendary beverage, it is born during the time we prepare our best production of Raicilla. We fusion two great passions, raicilla and beer, to celebrate the pride of being local. Golden color at first glance, with light copper hues, it features perfumes of orange, spices and wood. A well-rounded flavor of aged raicilla with a smoky touch, whitish foam head with good retention.

IBUS 17 // ABV 6.5% // OG 1.06
Style: Raicilla Blonde Ale
Fermentation: Ale
Color: Blonde
Body: Low-Medium

Nube Negra


Like the magic sunsets in the Sierra Madre, dark in character and with the lightness of fog. Low fermentation beer with a light dark color and red back light hues, smell of pine trees, dry fruits and light touches of chocolate. A slightly beige medium retention foam crown. Its clean flavor is ideal to drink constantly.

IBUS 25 // ABV 5.5 % // OG 1.052
Style: Dark Lager
Fermentación: Lager
Color: Rubí
Oscuro Cuerpo: Light

Black Mula


Black Mula begins when we harvest our coffee in an exotic spot of the Sierra Madre, among rivers and mountains, and with the help of our pack mules. A dark beer with a creamy beige foam with good retention that offers caramel, coffee and chocolate tastes. Aroma with a great presence of high-altitude coffee as if you were drinking an espresso.

IBUS 28 // ABV 5.7 % // OG 1.055
Style: Coffee Porter
Fermentation: Ale
Color: Dark
Body: Medium


Enjoy our local delight, made with products from the region.

Nebulosa Garden

Cuahutemoc 110, C.P. 46990, San Sebastián del Oeste, Jalisco. Phone: 322 3223223.

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Sostenibilidad y aprovechamiento de los recuersos de la Sierra Madre Occidental.
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